To learn more about how our team can help your company to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance environmental stewardship, please contact Steve Spence, the head of our Consulting department.

Phone: 206-447-4120



The Sutta Company offers consulting services with the objective of maximizing cost-efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint of our clients. The principal members of our consulting team have extensive and diverse backgrounds in the fields of recycling, waste management, finance, and management. This combination lends itself to an understanding of environmental management within a corporate framework that is unparalleled, and allows us to offer innovative, creative, custom solutions to the environmental and business demands of our clients.

Throughout this process we focus on enhancing the levels of environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility of our clients.

 We assess materials and volumes, collection equipment, processes, and labor, and then provide a cost-benefit analysis to our clients, helping to significantly lower their recycling, waste disposal, and freight costs. Often our recommendations cause reductions in water and power consumption as well.

Consulting Services Offered by The Sutta Company

  • Waste auditing and refuse reduction
  • Recycling services and increased materials diversion
  • Cost savings programs utilizing development and management of alternative recycling and waste processes
  • Carbon, water, energy, and logistics auditing
  • Recycled-content procurement
  • Employee and customer benefits and resources
  • Sustainability consulting and ongoing management
  • Permit and RFP assistance

The Sutta Company will conduct an on-site initial consultation free of charge.