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The Sutta Company offers a wide variety of equipment for lease or sale, including the Kanemiya 1545, a revolutionary plastics cleaning machine.

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With an ability to handle multiple grades of scrap plastic unmatched by any other large recycler in the country, The Sutta Company proudly stands at the forefront of the plastics recycling industry. Our experts apply innovative, patented techniques in order to turn contaminated plastic thought to be unsuitable for recycling into a saleable commodity.

We have taken several Fortune 500 companies to zero landfill using such practices. Driven by a commitment both to sustainability and our clients’ bottom line, The Sutta Company has emerged as in industry leader in our ability to recycle both contaminated and non-contaminated plastics. Our clients save on landfill costs, turn an expense into revenue, and become part of a practice that reduces oil consumption and leads to a cleaner environment.

We offer recycling services for the following grades of plastic, and can explore the possibilities of recycling other types upon request:

  • Polystyrene
  • Polypropylene
  • HDPE color and natural bottles
  • LDPE and LLPD film (both clear and colored)
  • PET bottles
  • PVC

Every month, our 5 facilities recycle a combined 465 tons of plastic, eliminating the need for 5,115 barrels of oil and keeping 3,441 cubic yards of plastic out of the landfill.

The Sutta Company is an affiliate of Green Planet 21, the sole North American provider of the Kanemiya 1545, a revolutionary plastics cleaning machine

The Kanemiya 1545

  • Washes and Cleans Plastic contaminated with meat, blood, food products and other waste, making it ready for sale and recycling
  • Processes and Cleans 500-600 lbs of contaminated plastic per hour using only 8 gallons of water
  • Utilizes tiny nozzles for cleaning and deodorizing
  • Can be hand fed or use an auto-metering feed system
  • Has a screen where the material that has been removed from the plastic can be viewed
  • Draws 35 amps @ 480v electrical usage

For more information on the Kanemiya, please contact your nearest representative.

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